Bundi Tourist Places, Rajasthan, India

Lallgarh Palace

The Garh Palace is the complex of numerous palaces which were built by rulers of different times. Most of the palaces were built between the 17th and 18th centuries. After a long period of neglection Garh palace again gaining its recognition.
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Nawal Sagar Palace

In the year 1241AD, Rao Deva subjugates Jeta Meena and annexed the territory of Bundi. His valiant descendants won over the areas beyond river Chambal and shifted their capital to Bundi, there by laying down the foundation of a prosperous Hada state. Bundi district has some of the finest and well-preserved shelters of prehistoric man and his cave paintings. The forts and palaces of Bundi are fine examples of Rajpur architecture. Bundi was also called, mini Kashi, a hoyl Hindu palce, because of its temples and places of worship.
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Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort has three impressive gateways that will have you hooked with their architectural beauty. Though it withered with time it still has an awe-inspiring charm to it. Gazing at the city beneath from its arches is an experience that cant be put into words. It once had sandalwood trees by its sides the fragrance rising up the arches and into the entire fort complex. There a famous tomb of its erstwhile governor who died while fighting the enemy troops known as Miran Saheb ki Dargah.
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