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India Group Tours and Holiday Packages for 2020, 2021, 2022
Since years, Holidays At have been bringing together travellers through its handcrafted small group tour and holiday packages of India. These India group tour and vacation packages are loaded with authentic and unique travel styles for a real local experience. These group tours of India are also designed keeping in mind budget and comfort of different travelers as the deals and services are always unbeatable at Holidays At. Now if you have questions in mind that why joining a group tour to India is a right choice for you and what difference it makes to you in terms of budget, experience, comfort, safety etc. then we have the answers for you.
Our group tour and holiday packages not only includes just visit to popular tourist sites & heritage monuments/museums but it also includes some amazing add on trips in most of the cities. To get the real experience, one has to explore the city like it is his/her own home town and the best way to experience is by opting add on trips such as walking tour in old heritage town, culinary classes, riding on Elephant, visit to NGO etc.
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India Group Travel Reviews

March 27, 2019
"Hello Rahul, I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Holidays At and I would highly recommend your company to any one visiting India. The guides were extremely helpful and wonderful. Drivers, car and meals were all excellent. The hotels were all of high quality. I am planning my next trip to India this coming November, so l will get in touch again with you all once again. Hope to see you soon"
Thomas Mller

January 13, 2019
"I would like to talk about Holidays At. While surfing on the internet I came across the web page of Holidays At. and found their group itineraries very interesting so tried to approach them online. It was very easy booking the tour and making payments to them. After coming back to home, I must admit that it was once in a lifetime trip to Asia and the entire team of Holidays At has done a great job."

October 26, 2018
"Since childhood, I wanted to make traveling as an important aspect in my life because this is something which makes me feel alive. It’s always been my passion to explore new places around the world, knowing about different culture and religion. To be honest, initially I was concerned while booking our trip with Holidays At" but now I don’t regret my decision of choosing them as they did a fantastic job. Cheers to Team Holidays At!"
Small Group Tours for India by Holidays At
Why choose India group tour?
Group travel not only creates community, couples and friends for the rest of the life but it also creates an opportunity to connect with people of different global location culture, lifestyle and languages. When you travel to India in group tour with like-minded people of other region and religion you get to know more about them and it brings a sense of respect for each other’s country and religion. Also travelling in group tour package minimizes your hassles and fear of loneliness and security as you are always under our radar during the group tour. You can spend time in focusing on your tour and getting local experiences in a better way. Such small group tours of India usually also come with more inclusions than the normal independent trips and since you are sharing travel services the India group tour packages are cheaper as well.
Is India group tour the right choice for you?
If you are a solo traveller, a couple or a group of friends and family members looking for a cheaper travel option with maximum inclusions and best possible comfort within the bracket of financial budget designed by you for purchasing the trip or if you are fun loving travellers willing to join more like-minded people for an epic adventure then our small group tour packages of India are the right choice for you. Try exploring the available dates with special deals and offers on our India group tours and get in touch with us to check if we have those dates and trips available for you.
How to book an India group tour package with Holidays At?
Booking the amazingly crafted and cheap group holidays of India with Holidays At is just made easy by our experts. We do not charge you upfront for booking a group tour package. Read the group tour itinerary and other relevant information ‘Check Dates and Offer’. You will be taken to group tour date and price chart list. Just check all basic information of the guaranteed departure group tour package. If you sure that this group tour itinerary, dates and offers suits you then click ‘Book This Trip’ button to send us your information. We will check our chart for availability of seats and then come back to you with the status of your booking.
How to pay for the booking?
We have several options for making payments against your India group tour package bookings with us. We accept payments via SWIFT Bank transfer, NEFT/RTGS, Online Credit Card Payment Gateway, and cash deposits. To hold a seat with us you need to pay the amount specified as per the payment terms. Balance payments can be in easy timeframe as may be specified on the website or explained to you by our booking officer. For more information, we suggest you to read FAQs or contact our India group tour booking experts.